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Born naturally with rhythm. All heart and soul. Vibrate, resonate with deep drum beats at high frequencies. Singing like strings and things that sound like Heaven on Mother Earth.


Shylah Ray Press Kit

Press Kit


-Sol Food Festival (Headlined 2012-13)

-Topanga Earth Day (2010-12)

-Ecotopia (Headlined 2011)

-Ojai Day, Earth Play (Headlined 2012-2016)

-One Love Festival (Headlined 2013, 2016, 2017)

-Lucidity Festival (2013-16)

-Lightning in a Bottle (2010/13)

-Lovestock (Headlined 2013)

-Pranafest (2013)

-Wanderlust, with Desert Dwellers  (2011)

-Beloved Festival (with Shaman’s Dream and Shiva Rea) (2015)

-Symbiosis Gathering, Woodward Reservoir, CA (2013/15/16)

-Festival of Colors, San Diego/Reno/Sacramento (with J Brave of the Luminaries) (2017)

-Enchanted Forest Gathering (2017)

-The Emerald Exchange (2017)

-Soul Play Fall Festival (2017)

-The Harvest Ball, Portland, MA (2017)


-The World Famous Deer Lodge- Local resident Musician (2015-17)

-Libbey Bowl, Ojai CA (2012, 13)

-Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA

-Wanderlust, Hollywood, CA

-The Avalon, Hollywood, CA

-The Stronghold, Venice CA

-Zanzibar, Santa Monica, CA

-The Source/Full Circle, Venice, CA

-Soho Nightclub, Santa Barbara, CA

-The Place for Sustainable Living, Oakland, CA

-The Temple of Intention, Mt. Shasta, CA

-Stewdios, One Door Land, Portland, OR

-Garden of Eden, San Diego CA

-Agape Spiritual Center, Culver City, CA

Collaborations and Music Projects

-“In Right Relations” song- The Four Sacred Gifts, a book by Anita Sanchez ( (2017)

-J Brave- from the album AMETHYST, “Destiny” (2017)

-Shining Lion “Standing Rock (Loving the Water)” (2017)

-Elijah Ray- Live Album- “Surrender” (2010)

-Elijah Ray- studio album ARRIVAL – “Get 2 Know You” (2015)

-Shining Lion- the album “ONE LOVE VIBRATION”

-Blackfeet-from the album LA REVOLUCION “Peaks of Mt. Zion” (2012)

-The Luminaries- Single “Gratitude” (Unreleased)



-MOTHER MEDICINE- use of the original song “Existence” written by Shylah Ray Sunshine (2011/12)


-“THINGS WE DON’T TALK ABOUT”  film based on the novel, THE RED TENT (2011-12)

Use of the original song “Sacredness (the Blood Song)” written by Shylah Ray Sunshine

Sacredness (The Blood Song)

-Breastfeeding MAMAS Slideshow- use of the original song “Existence” (2012)

“Into the Wild” Album Coming This Fall