Shylah Ray Sunshine - Soul Singer and Musician
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Born naturally with rhythm…all heart and soul. Vibrate, resonate with deep drum beats at high frequencies. Singing like strings and things that sound like Heaven on Mother Earth…

Shylah Ray is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to music, blending grooves of Neo-Soul, Reggae and R&B. Her voice is moving, soothing to the ear, and healing for the heart. Her live performance is exciting as well as upbeat and playful. Her soul shines through the sound, captivating the audience and leaving them wanting more.

Hailing from Northern Ontario, Canada, Shylah began writing songs as a troubled teenager. She left home at young age and found herself in California, singing in a Reggae band after traveling many countries, in search of clarity, truth and opportunity . Along her travels she crossed many paths with musicians from all over the world, studying percussion and traditional African Drumming. Shylah is self-taught on the piano and vocally, taking after her mother and grandmother, who both shared the joy of singing. Shylah became a Doula after the birth of her first child in 2006 and began writing songs that inspired her journey into an empowered woman. From there, her insightful music gained popularity in Los Angeles, branching out toward the northern coast, across the nation and now, worldwide. Shylah writes and performs her original music at a wide variety of venues and events, holding steady as the longest running female to play a residency gig in Ojai, her current home land.

Her sound induces an energy release, has uplifting melodies, and expresses emotional vocal performances that echo influential performers such as Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and Nai Palm, a few of her top female inspirational singers. Studio and live collaborations include the Luminaries, MC YOGI, Shiva Rea, DJ Sol Rising, Clayton Joseph Scott, Chris Assaad, Tropo, Heartwurkz, DJ Pachakroma, Samuel J,  Blackfeet/Shining Lion, Elijah Ray, Shaman’s Dream, Desert Dwellers, the Luv Amp Project  and the Human Experience to name a few. These events have opened new doors for her as an independent artist, and directing her into live performances of a new age and electronic sound. She has opened for dear friends and popular musicians such as Rising Appalachia, Micheal Franti, Trevor Hall, Cornerstone, Dustin Thomas, Matis Yahu and the St. Croix based roots reggae band, Midnite. This young woman is on a mission to make love to music, with her fans, in the name of creation and to spread awareness on environmental protection and preservation, natural childbirth, health and wellness and above all else, love.  She holds the vision of healing the hearts of those in need and opening the voices of generations to come.



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